What have the buddies said about the Exchange Buddy Program?

Lea and Violetta

You should definitely participate because you meet a lot of new people. You learn a lot about their countries and also learn something about your own country.
Lea (23, Germany)

For foreigners it is so useful. I think it’s very good that such a program exists.
Violetta (20, Russia)

I learnt a lot of new things about different cultures and made new friends. The participation in the buddy program strengthen my motivation to travel more and, additionally, to experience as much different cultures and places as possible.

Philip (25, Germany)

It is always good to meet new people and broaden your horizon. So yeah, I think I found two friends in this program, which is the reason why I would tell everyone to take part in it as well.
Alicia (26, Germany)

Always be open to new experiences and new points of view. I became a more flexible person and this international experience influenced my life fondly and dastically.
Hannah (22, Brasil)