Advice and Help

The most important emergency numbers

Police 110

Fire Department 112

Ambulance / emergency doctor 112

Fax emergency number for people with hearing or speech impairments 110 and 112

Medical on call out of office hours 116 117

Information about the pharmacy emergency service 0800 00 22 833 (free of charge from the German fixed network)

Help phone “Violence against women” 0800 0116016 (free of charge)

White ring, support for victims of crime 116 006

Social help phone “Who helps further?” 07071 700077

Women help women e.V., Autonomous Women’s Home 07071 66604

Working group life e.V., crisis advice 07071 19298

AIDS-Hilfe Tübingen-Reutlingen e.V. 07071 44490

AIDS counseling, District Office Tübingen, Department of Health 07071 2073312

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