How does matching process work?

Important criterias for the matching:

  1. Subject and place of study: The students who study the same subject can understand each other better and the same faculty helps that the buddies spend more time together.
  2. Time availability: Tübinger Buddies should have enough free time. The students who don´t have much free time during semester can´t help the international buddies effectively.
  3. Past or future stay abroad: Someone who has done Erasmus at the University of Helsinki prefers to match with a student from Helsinki
  4. Study Level: Bachelor students to Bachelor and Master students to Master or PhD students.
  5. Language skills
  6. Individual wishes of the Tubingen Buddies and the incoming students are important.
  7. Hobbies should be same or similar in order to buddies get closer to each other.

It’s a great puzzle match. The system tries to match as well as it can. The project will also want to shape buddy couples who are somewhat unanimous: But it can be fun and work great!

In certain situations, one Tübinger must be automatically assigned to two exchange students. If you have confirmed in the registration form that this is all good , the program do not ask again. Students receive two allocatins directly.

For your allocation, you will receive an email with your foreign mate’s contact details. If your buddy takes part in the start or compact course and the expected arrival in Tübingen is also in there.