Vlog #3: My Buddy takes care of the hardest part of Erasmus

As you saw in the second vlog, the second day with my buddy didn’t go as planned. I thought it would be a calm day but actually it was the most stressful one. Early in the morning I met with Dilara and went to the Bank in order to open a bank account. But we forgot about the German burocracy. We must have arranged an appointment for this. Since that bank wanted to give us an appointment in two weeks time, we agreed to try another bank. 

Consequently, we couldn’t start our day as we planned but we didn’t gave up and decided to go to the university in order to enroll at registration office for exchange students. Simone Hähne, the personnel of the office, helped us a lot. After she gave us the guide map, we knew what to do next. We went to (the health) insurance office „AOK“, which is located in Mensa. Here we got the insurance documents and after that we went to a cash desk in order to pay the semester fee. 

After all those exhausting hours we made a lunch break in the library. I showed Dilara the faculties and the lecture halls, before we came to the end of her second day in Tübingen.