Thank You

In this post I want to thank some people who made this project possible for me and helped me a lot.

Firstly I want to thank to Mr. Bastian Salmen. Without his permission I couldn´t document and introduce this program. Not just permission but also for the active participation in this project Mr. Salmen was my biggest help. Mr. Salmen, thank you so much for your openness and geniality.

I would like to thank also to international Students and German students who were willing to interview with me. Philip Daub, Hannah Alff, Magdalena Bätge, Kübra Güzelsoy, Alicia Bitzer, Lea Gangloff, Violetta Larkina and Andrea Miklosikova; thank all of you so much that you participate on this project with interviews and cool stories.

Special thanks to my exchange buddy Dilara Tekkola. She was always kind and friendly to me when I wanted to film her experiences.

For the patience,supervision and good cares I want to thank Mr. Ulrich Hägele, Oliver Häusler and Christian Beuter. Without your visions and experiences, this project wouldnt be easy for me.

Also I want to mention about StudIT Team. They allowed me to use the informations on their websites. Many many thanks also to Zentrum für Medienkompetenz and Campus TV for technical supports.

Finally I want to thank my family, friends and my girlfriend who supported me in all difficulties. You gave me the power for this project and thank you all so much.

Cagatay Özalp